Have you ever seen a billboard, bus ad, or sign that promises “Free pregnancy testing” or says “Pregnant? Scared? Need help?”

Are you facing an unintended pregnancy and wondering where you can go for information and resources?

Ever thought you were going to a clinic or counseling center, only to find that the “counselors” and “medical personnel” were really only interested in talking about how bad abortion, birth control, and pre-marital sex are?

Crisis pregnancy centers (CPCs), who also sometimes refer to themselves as “pregnancy care centers,” “pregnancy centers,” or “pregnancy clinics” are not comprehensive pregnancy and reproductive health care clinics, but they want you to think that they are. In fact, these centers exist for the sole purpose of preventing women from accessing real clinics. They use a combination of false medical information, pressure tactics, and deception on women who are pregnant or think that they might be.

Here’s the truth: It’s Lies.


CPCs, in Maryland and across the U.S., have been known to lie again and again. This website was created to tell the truth about CPCs and to help you find the assistance you need.

Here you can learn how to spot a CPC and see a map of known CPCs in Maryland . You can learn about the tactics that CPCs use and about their most common lies.

You’ll also be able to submit your own story about visiting a CPC and read news stories and investigative reports about CPCs.

Finally, we want to make sure you know where you can get real information and services. Visit Choices, a guide to real reproductive health services in Maryland, and take a look at other Resources for Birth Control  and Resources for Pregnancy and Abortion .

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